If you have an outdoor space, I know for sure that you have high expectations about it. You always want it to be speckling clean so that anyone that visits you, goes with something to think good of. I am now bringing you the best news in your life. Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer 1800 PSI has been specifically made for you so that you don’t give dirt and debris a chance when you are cleaning your surfaces.

When they develop, you also fight them back with ease. This machine is a new weapon that you need and never let it go from your sight when you want to clean your surfaces.

This machine has been manufactured with enough cleaning power that will assist you to tackle any grueling project that you have been thinking of. What you need to do is just simple, put the detergent tank on and make a selection between the three nozzles and you are ready to work.

Any surface that you will come across, including outdoor furniture, fencing, boats and also vehicles will just have a new life. It is easily stored because of the easily foldable storage design made with it.

Briggs & Stratton 20680 1800 psi Electric Pressure Washer
Features of Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer

It has been made with a tough welded steel frame

One thing that makes such machines to get old is the unexpected impacts that they face from time to time. now, this is a thing of the past because with the steel frame that has been used in making this machine, you are sure that you are going to be protected. That is why the added steel frame is vital in providing you added protection that others don’t give.

A universal matter that is durable

When you buy such a machine, your first worry will always be, how long will this product serve you. It is a hard question but with this one, there is no such a question.

The motor that is used in making it has been built to last for years. When you get to power your machine, you only need to clean your surface with confidence because the motor will survive any hard work that you put it through.

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The best high-pressure hose with up to 25 ft. long

You don’t have to stretch from time to time, or even get to look for additional hoses to add to what you have so that you are able to clean high surfaces. With the 25 ft. hose that you will get with this product, you are going to be able to clean high surfaces pretty well.

The hose is also unique because it has the ability to endure the high pressure that is produced by the machine. At the same time, it can also endure hard work.

Has an integrated detergent tank

How many of us have been carrying buckets from time to time to fill and refill machines with water so that you get to do your cleaning? This is a problem that has always disturbed many and a solution to this has been found.

A detergent tank has been included in this system so that you are able to just add soap and do your tasks with one intention in mind, finish your work faster and making it the best.

The inclusion of a turbo nozzle makes it even better

It is time that you need to learn that the faster you clean the better it is for you. By using this kind of technology in this machine, you will agree with me that you will be able to clean up to 40% faster by attaching the time saving and also specialized nozzle.

Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer, 1800 PSI, 1.2 GPM, Red/Gray/Titanium
  • Long-life Universal Motor: Clean with confidence, knowing your motor was built to outlast years of hard work.
  • Upgrade your cleaning potential in seconds by simply adding soap to the integrated detergent tank.
  • Reach higher with your cleaning potential with 20 feet of flexible hose that's built to endure hard work and high pressure.
  • Be ready for whatever unexpected impact comes your way with a durable frame that gives you added protection.


  •  It has been designed to help you clean up to 40% faster when compared to other products in the market. You just put in water to your machine and with the different nozzles that it has, you are at peace to clean your surfaces.
  • The onboard detergent tank carries the detergent with you so that you don’t have to seek the services of a bucket to carry water and detergent from time to time.
  • It is a stable pressure washer. This is brought about by the wide base that it has with better wheels that are not going to get to burst easily. You can also maneuver around easily with the machine.
  • You don’t need to worry where you will store it because with the fold down handle that it has, it means that you are going to have peace storing it in the smallest space that you have.
  • It enables you to get to finish all the light-duty kind of jobs out there without you having to worry of dirt being left behind.
  • You can clean high places without having to add ladders so that you cling up or add hoses. That makes it an outstanding product put there.
  • You also get up to 12 months of limited warranty. That ensures that you don’t get to worry of anything because it is going to serve you better for a longer time.
  • The nozzle change can be done in a quick manner right on the wand. You can decide the right kind of pressure that you want, either high pressure, low, or even medium pressure.


  • It does not have as much power that is going to handle bigger jobs

Customer Reviews

“This is a strong unit that comes with such a price. It is a better-equipped product that is sleek and also pretty. It has been laid out better with lots of electric cord. This makes it a better unit for your use. it just handles my jobs with the best result ever.”

“I had it difficult to compare this item with others because it is the best among the best. When I compare it with the first two power washers that I have bought initially, I have found out that this one is the best. I don’t have stress anymore because it handles my jobs according to how I need them. it also cleans faster and cleaner. No dirt will ever get a chance in this product.”

Final Thought

You can now clean your walkways with ease, ensure that your patio furniture looks sparkling clean, your car shining and many others. All this does not require effort. It is a machine that will ensure that you do your tasks much faster compared with the use of a garden hose. The best part of Briggs & Stratton 20680 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is that it also balances off well because of the best wide base and use of the best wheels out there.

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