Cleaning things around our homes can be fun and a form of exercise. However, when it comes to cleaning dirty rugs or carpets, many of us dread it and we no longer consider it as fun. Why? The reason may be due to a lot of scrubbing, scurrying, stooping, squatting, and dragging that comes with hand washing of rugs. Getting out all the dirt may be impossible too. I’m sure you don’t enjoy all that stress.

Power washing your rug makes the task easier, faster, and your rug cleaner.

I’m going to give you some tips on how to clean an area rug with a pressure washer. With these tips, you can get your rug cleaned in a better, simpler, and faster way. I’m sure you can’t wait to have these easy-to-do tips.

How to Clean an Area Rug with Pressure Washer Guide
How to Clean an Area Rug with Pressure Washer

Here is the Step-by-Step Technique on How to Clean an Area Rug with Pressure Washer: 

  1. Choose a convenient cleaning area: The first task is locating a convenient and clean outdoor place to carry out the rug cleaning. You can only clean your rug outdoors because you will use a pressure washer with a lot of flying water streams. You need to have access to adequate fresh water supply for your pressure washer. This can be a water-filled bucket, tank, or pool.
  2. Set out your rug and identify soiled and stained spots: Spread out your rug evenly on a flat wooden or concrete surface so you can identify stained spots. Check if the stains can be removed by water only; if not, add dab the stained areas with a small quantity of mild stain removal. Avoid using strong stain removal as this can bleach out your rug color.
  3. Gently scrub with a soft brush and wipe with a soft cloth: Gently brush the spot with a soft cloth or brush. This makes the stain removal to work effectively. It is important not to leave the stain removal more than 2 minutes before wiping it off no matter how gentle it may seem. The gentlest stain removal can still cause discoloration if left on your rug for too long.
  4. Prepare a solution of mild detergent in a bucket of water: Generously soak the entire rug with this water-liquid detergent solution. Use a liquid detergent that you are already familiar with because you already know its strength. You can add some antibacterial liquid if the detergent does not already have it as one of its components. Stir well before loading your rug in it.
  5. Allow about 10 minutes of soaking time: You can allow your soaked rug to stand for about 10 minutes. But a shorter time is required for delicate material. This soaking time works on all the dirt and makes washing with your pressure washer easier and faster.
  6. Get your pressure washer ready: Check every aspect of your pressure washer and set the pressure or use the nozzle that will deliver water stream pressure not higher than 1800 psi. You can use pressure a little bit lower but not below 1600 psi. it is important to use fresh clean water only for the safety of your pressure washer and cleanness of your rug.
  7. Start your systematic cleaning: Begin your cleaning by using the black nozzle (soap nozzle) attached to the pressure washer. This helps to push the soap to penetrate every fiber of your rug for an assured thorough cleaning. With this nozzle, you can deliver more soap into the rug during the washing.  You can do this washing for about 5-10 minutes.
  8. Remove the rug and shoot water over it: After removing the rug from the soaking state, begin to shoot water all over it. This will get the dirt and soap out of the fibers.
  9. Carry out some footing exercise on the rug: Proceed to step on every area of the rug. This will further aid to rid the rug of residual dirt and soap. Do this with clean barefoot. Repeat the footing exercise and further pressure washing alternatively. This can be repeated about 4 subsequent times.
  10. Finish up the rug washing with the green nozzle: Once the water coming out of your rug after footing-pressure washing becomes clear, change to the green nozzle to finish up the cleaning. The green nozzle delivers higher pressure and helps to get stubborn dirt and traces of detergent out of the rug but will not wreak any havoc on your rug.
  11. Get excess water out of your rug: By this time, your rug is quite heavier than it would normally be because it has sucked up a lot of water. You may need a helping hand at this stage to assist you in folding the rug and pressing out the excess water. You need to do this to make the rug lighter ready to be hung. Be conscious not to squeeze your rug in an attempt to rid it of water. This can weaken and damage it.
  12. Hang your rug and sundry: With the assistance of a family member or a friend or family member, lift your rug off from the washing bay. Don’t drag the rug on the floor or lawn so you don’t reinvest it with dirt. Lift and hang it on a rugged or reinforced laundry line and allow it to dry.
  13. Allow your rug to dry properly: Don’t be in a hurry to retrieve your rug until it dries completely. Before you remove it from the line, touch the edges and be sure the rug is well dried.


Are you surprised how easy and fast you can get your rug cleaned using a pressure washer? I’m sure you are delighted at this guide on how to clean an area rug with a pressure washer. If you follow this guide well, you will get your

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