How do you clean those slippery mildews on your deck and motor oil stains in your driveway? Don’t waste your time cleaning those stuff by using plenty of your elbow grease. You need the best pressure washer which is powerful to effectively exile those mildews and motor oil stains in a fraction of the time it takes when using a bucket of water and a brush. Read this article and it will help you to choose the best pressure washer that can meet your cleaning project requirements

What to look for when buying a pressure washer?

Gas vs. Electric

Gas vs Electric Pressure Washer

One thing you need to understand is that both gas and electric pressure washers force or pressurize water differently. But the difference between the forces of the water is speed and strength. People who own equipment such as hedgers understand this thing more. Equipment which as gas-powered are usually louder, but they produce more power. Electric equipment is quieter and produces less power. If you don’t want to mess with gas, then you can go for an electric pressure washer.

The electric pressure washers are ideal for cleaning small areas. People who want to clean bigger areas such as deck, homes, and drives can go for gas pressure washer. You’ve realized that gas pressure washer produces more pressure making them suitable for cleaning bigger areas. Gas engines are designed to last between 300 – 3,000 hours while motors on an electric washer can longer than the pumps.

Gas engines require little more maintenance and more cost to operate. One thing about the gas engines is that they need a well-ventilated area. This is because of the emission of carbon-monoxide fumes.

Here is the Best  Gas Pressure Washer

Coldwater vs Hot water

Cold water vs Hot water Pressure Washer

The best thing about cold pressure washers which are available at most stores is that they’re less complicated, unlike hot water pressure washers. One thing you’ll love more is that cold water pressure washers are very portable and perfect for daily use due to their great portability. The cold water relies on the pressure.

Hot water pressure washers are capable of cleaning better since they use hot water. They clean faster and require less soap and you’ll love that they sanitize much better, unlike the cold water. If you want the best pressure washer for industrial or farm use, then you can opt for how water pressure washer.

Homeowners can go with a cold water pressure washer. But if you have a meat locker at your home and you need to be cleaning it frequently, then go with the hot water pressure washer. Hot water pressure washers have built-in water heaters and these machines are rated as commercial machines. If you want to remove dirt and grime faster, then a hot water pressure washer will make the work faster and effective. These machines will enable you to eliminate the need for costly chemicals. If you own a cold water pressure washer pump, never feed it with hot water because the heat will damage the O-rings and seals.


When you want to purchase a pressure washer, you’ll be able to see gallons per minute (GPM) and pounds per square inch (PSI). If you find the third state which is called cleaning units (CU), then it will be effortless to get the best unit that can fit your needs. When you consider these states, then finding the best pressure washer for you will be easy and you will never be fooled.

But don’t get worried if you don’t get the CU about the washer you’re about to buy. What you need to do is just multiply the GPM by the PSI and you’ll get the CU. Depending on your needs, consider the power of the unit before you buy it. But remember that the greater the cleaning power unit, the greatest the ability of the washer has for cleaning effectively and even deeper. On the other side is that, washer with lower PSI the greater their cleaning power than those machines with higher PSI machines.

For instance, a machine with 2,400 PSI will clean an area 40 percent faster than a machine with 2,800 PSI. A good pressure washer will let you clean a surface faster and effectively without the need of hand scrubbing the same surface.


Do you like a pressure washer which is not portable? My friend, portability is very important. Get that pressure washer which is effortless to wheel around and store. You’ll be very frustrated when you buy a pressure washer only to realize that it won’t even roll over that hose without some force. Think about a pressure washer which is hard to move around.

When you want to purchase a pressure washer, ensure that it is easy to move around and store. Don’t make assumptions, just bear in your mind that what works for your friend might not work well with you. So, you better go to the store, get one pressure washer, and try it out. Ensure that the pressure washer works well and you can use it effortlessly.

You can also need a machine that is easy to carry it up steps. When you’re at the store, find out if the wheels are capable of running freely. A good pressure washer is the one in which you can pull it along.


There are different sorts of warranties out there. There are some who claim to have the longest warranty others have short ones. But finding out whether it is true is very simple, what you can do is to read the fine print. Find out what the warranty cover. Find out if it covers the frame or the engine and pump.

You’ll be shocked when you realize how some manufacturers state their warranty. If you get a pressure washer which comes with a warranty that covers the engine and pump, then you can go with that machine.

Final thought

The above five things are what you need to look for when buying a pressure washer. Remember that cheap is always expensive and so don’t be fooled by the prices of pressure washers. Another thing to bear in mind is about their accessories, lance handle plus the trigger. Don’t settle on a machine which can’t suit your needs. Get a pressure washer which can clean between the paving slabs without leaving weeds and moss behind.

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