Keeping your pool sparkling clean does not necessarily require sophisticated equipment, your pressure washer will do the work. Learn how to clean the pool with a pressure washer in this post.

The subject of if we can deep wash pool tiles using a pressure washer has generated some concerns in some circles in the past. Without much ado, it is clear that you can clean pool tiles using a pressure washer. However, some hard work is required to get a pool clean without those slimy algae. But you can get the work done much easier by using a pressure washer. We shall enlighten and guide you on how to clean pool tiles with a pressure washer.

Here we go, let’s see how this task can be achieved in less time with less stress and still maintain the perfect state of the pool tiles. The major concern here is that the high pressure of the water jet can damage the porcelain or ceramic tiles. No worries, we shall guide you on how to perfectly use a pressure washer to go about cleaning the tiles without wreaking havoc on the pool tiles. A pressure washer can remove and wash away stags of calcium and algae on the walls and floor of the pool easily.

Here is the step-by-step technique on how to clean the pool tiles with a pressure washer:


  1. First, conduct a texture-pressure test: The first way to start is by conducting a texture test on an inconspicuous spot in the pool. With this test, you would be able to determine if the pressure of the washer is satisfying or too high.  If you notice any form of slight damage on the chosen spot, it means the pressure is too high. Try to reduce the pressure and try another small spot. You have to continue this test until you can get the right pressure that is harmless to the tiles.
  2. Work from a measured distance from the tiles: Working from a measured distance from the surfaces will help reduce the impact of the pressure on the tiles. Keeping a distance of approximately 3 feet away from the surface with appropriate water pressure will not harm the tiles.
  3. Set a cleaning pattern: Remember that you will need to clean a massive area. So it is best to set a cleaning pattern so that you don’t leave out some portions of the tiles uncleaned. You can set either a vertical or horizontal cleaning pattern.
  4. Use appropriate safety stepladder: In most instances, the inside of the pool may be very slippery. So, it is important to use a safety step ladder while carrying out the cleaning. A stepladder with a grip-base will keep you safe from slipping while working.
  5. Concentrate on tiles with lots of accumulated calcium or algae. Repeat the cleaning of these tiles until you get the calcium off them. Continue to do the cleaning in sections to ensure that you cover the entire pool tile surface. 
  6. Avoid the joint areas which can be damaged by high pressure especially the caulk joints. 
  7. When you are done cleaning an area, proceed to use very low-pressure of fine water mist to rinse the tiles. You can choose a fine nozzle to achieve this. The use of low-pressure water mist will further protect the tiles from damage.

What To Avoid While Using A Pressure Washer To Clean Pool

  1. To avoid damaging tiles in the pool, do not work on a spot for too long.
  2. Do not use too high-pressure water spray on the tiles, and maintain measured distance from the surface of the tile.
  3. Do not use any chemicals! Use only water for the cleaning. Cleaning chemicals can damage the internal components of your pressure washer.  The right pressure of water spray at the right distance will do a thorough cleaning of the tiles without chemicals.
  4. Do not enter a pool barefooted to work for safety’s sake. The floor may be very slippery due to the accumulation of calcium or algae. Use safety boots or shoes with grip soles.
  5. Do not use an inappropriate ladder. Use only a safety stepladder with grip-base.


When you consider a Do It Yourself for washing your pool, you need not worry about acquiring a new specialized machine. If you already have a pressure washer, you can get the work done without hassles. If you follow the above step-by-step guide on how to clean pool tiles with a pressure washer, you will keep your pool tiles in top shape without damaging the tiles. However, adhering to the dos and don’ts of the exercise is imperative to achieve the best result. Remember to start on a very small portion of your pool to choose the right working pressure for the tiles. Put safety first by using the right working tools.

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