A Battery Powered Pressure Washer is great equipment you must have at your disposal to make your cleaning fun, easier, and faster. However, making the right choice may not be as easy as may presume. You’ll be amazed at the number of different brands and models of powered pressure washers out there in the market around you. While some are ridiculously cheap, some are moderately priced. However, it is important to get one of the best battery powered pressures that will serve your purpose.

It is important, therefore, to note that the brand, make, design, and cost may not be the only determining factors in choosing the best portable pressure washer. The effectiveness, functionalities, and durability are some other factors you need to consider. 

You need to understand what to look out for when purchasing one. Many buyers have regrettably made wrong choices because they were not properly guided before purchasing a pressure washer. However, this guide will make a difference in your choice of picking the best battery powered pressure washer from a trusted manufacturer.

We have carefully studied and tested several handheld pressure washers. Here are our best pick 7 Best battery powered pressure washers.

Top 7 Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer Reviews


This high flow Hydroshot is one reliable battery operated power washer you can rely upon to effectively handle every task at your home, workshop. It is enhanced with a soap bottle, brush, battery, and a charger. WORX portable power cleaner carries 5 times pressure of 350 psi hose and a brushless nozzle with 5 settings to determine the right pressure. This machine makes your cleaning task much easier as it easily removes mud from your tires, fenders and removes grease and other mess from your driveway and deck. This device allows you to get just the right pressure for every specific task and is very handy in watering the garden plants.

Though the device is a powerful washer but does not harm or peel off the paint on your walls. This battery-operated power washer is specially engineered with high technology with great easy to use precise design for effective performance.

It minimizes the volume of water you required to clean a surface due to the high 6X pressure to only .92 gallons/minute. It’s well adaptable to draw water from any clean water source such as a tank, bucket, pool, or lake. Talking of longer life, more power, and efficiency, this rechargeable pressure washer motor is further enhanced by a brushless feature.

With this device, the PowerShare feature allows you to perform all tasks with the same cordless battery system that can power both 20V and 40V tools. The bigger battery 4.0 Ah has twice the power more than the standard 20V batteries, and this enhances the brushless motor to perform better. In addition, the two speeds make it easy to determine either to go high or low or choose the best nozzle spray of your choice.

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WORX WG625 CORDLESS PORTABLE POWER WASHERThe WORX WG625 20V is a Portable Power Cleaner which makes your cleaning task fun. It delivers 5X higher pressure than your garden hose with a nozzle on it will ever deliver. No matter how muddy your tires are, WG625 will blast them off, get rid of grease and drops of black oil from your deck, garage, or driveway. When looking for a cleaning device that gets rid of all dirt without ripping off the paints of your car or walls, this amazing machine is one of the best portable pressure washers that will deliver what you want at the right precise manner. 

This lightweight (only 3.7 Ibs) machine works perfectly indoors and outdoors because it is easy to carry with a less bulky hose. You can be sure of getting the right pressure for each desired task by dialing the nozzle to deliver just the right water pressure. You have no issue with the source of water for this best portable pressure washer because it can take water from a bucket, lake, or pool by just dropping in the hose. The bottle adapter makes it easy to go around with this battery-powered pressure washer with the tank. You can even use it to take care of your plants in the garden. With a rechargeable 20V Max Lithium Powershare battery, this battery-operated pressure washer is adaptable to all other WORX 20V tools. The device also carries a functional charger to keep your machine running.

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HUAHE Pressure Washer CleanerHUAHE Pressure Washer Cleaner is a handheld pressure washer that provides 363-580 psi pressure, 20V Li-ion Power (2.0Ah-4.0Ah) power battery, and other cleaning accessories such as water pipe, foam pot, long brush, and extension rod. With this one of the best portable pressure washers around, you can do all sorts of cleaning using different water sources from the bucket, lake, or pool. 

The attached brush to the nozzle gives you an easier and cleaner result. The dual working pressure (365-580 psi) makes it easier to determine and switch to the appropriate and satisfying pressure that fits your (cleaning or watering) tasks. The machine delivers cleaning water at the rate of 0.66 to 0.79 gm per minute volume of water for your cleaning task. This helps you conserve the quantity of water required to achieve each cleaning task. You may need to prime the pump at first, and this cordless pressure washer delivers efficiently.

The long pole is helpful as it allows easy penetration of crevices, decks, and high surfaces. The installation of this device is simple and easy, using the quick snap connection feature. The battery life is excellent and does not run down when performing a task.

This device comes with 3 different cleaning accessories – soap bottle, scrub brush, and window squeegees which give you extended cleaning opportunities. You can rely on this battery-powered pressure washer for cleaning your car, patio, and deck, and it can be adopted for watering your lawn and garden.

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WORX WG644This “first-of-its-kind” lightweight and portable Hydroshot power cleaner are popular for its ability to draw from any freshwater source such as a bucket, pool, or lake. It is designed to deliver a maximum of 0.90 gm per minute at 450 psi. The 4-in1 feature nozzle allows you to choose your desired water stream intensity of 0, 15, 25, or 40 depending on the type of cleaning exercise you intend to carry out. It is engineered with two speeds LOW and HIGH button, the LOW works well for gentle cleaning while the HIGH takes care of tougher cleaning tasks.

Unlike bulky and cord operated cleaners, this rechargeable pressure washer provides a perfect and ideal solution for cleaning tasks around the home, marina, or campsite. You need not worry about water sources as it can draw water from any fresh water source such as a bucket, tank, pool, or lake. It delivers satisfying dual cleaning pressure low at 290 psi and high at 450 psi. 

With a rated voltage of 40V (Twin 20V) battery, you can fully recharge the battery within 2 hours to its utmost power level. This battery-operated pressure washer comes with many accessories such as adjustable automotive power scrubber, connect adapter, cleaning brush, cleaning kits, soapbox, and household cleaning kits. With this cleaning machine, you don’t need another watering device for your lawn and garden.

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WORX WG629 This amazing Portable Power Washer allows you to easily and quickly achieve the cleaning of all your outdoor environment and other gears. It delivers 5 times pressure than the usual garden hose. When attached to the accompanied hose, it delivers up 320 psi of 4 variants of pressure. It saves water wastage as it delivers only 0.53 gm of water per minute. Another encouraging feature of this machine is that you can draw water from any freshwater source be it from the bucket, tank, pool, lake, or marine. This makes your cleaning anywhere easier and faster.

You can select the level of pressure and speed (LOW or HIGH) that matches your immediate cleaning task. When you select the LOW, you conserve water and battery. This portable pressure washer is enhanced with PowerShare feature which makes it use the same battery to power either 20V or 40V tools.

The hydro shot machine comes with 20 feet draw hose that allows you to reach different heights. It has 2 different lances, the length is ideal for accurate cleaning while the short lance is great for watering.

The multi-spray pressure nozzle produces a different water stream which makes it easy for you to choose the best water intensity that matches your task, either watering or cleaning.

This cordless pressure washer is versatile and ideal for everyday cleaning tasks such as car washing, watering plants and flowers, and cleaning patio furniture. It is lightweight and comes with a carry-on bag.

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WORX WG625.4Sunglife Cordless Hydroshot is a portable power cleaner suitable for precise and accurate everyday outdoor cleaning tasks. The motor is ruggedly built with 20V-100 Watt that generates 320 pressure per minute (psi) with 3.0 liter per minute flow rate. It delivers 5X water pressure than your normal garden hoses and operates on 2 speeds for additional runtime when on the LOW mode. The Low mode is ideal for watering garden plants and flowers.

 The battery-powered pressure washer has 2 cleaning lances; the long lance which produces up to 320 psi of satisfying pressure enhances water to reach the cleaning target. The short lance is designed to deliver gentle pressure of 94 psi gentle spray for watering of plants and flowers without plucking off their buds or leaves. The long lance delivers a powerful pressurized water stream to rid of mud and dirt off your car, bikes, grills, campers, patio furniture, and windows. 

One of the added advantages of this portable pressure washer is its easy-to-use design and convenience. It can easily be taken along to any site to perform any cleaning task. It can draw water from any fresh source – bucket, tank, pool, lake, or marina. It is powerful to deep clean your cars, patio furniture, rugs, tools, shoes, and others without ripping off the paint. 

Sunglife rechargeable pressure washer comes with adapters, nozzles, water filters, soap bottles, wand extensions, battery, and charger.

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SUNGLIFE Cordless Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner Looking for a powerful cordless battery operated pressure washer to achieve effective and precise cleaning of your cars, bikes, campers, doors, windows, patio furniture, shoes, and many more; you have a friend in WORX WG625.4 cordless portable cleaner. It is designed to deliver a dual operating system for watering and cleaning tasks. The motor is 20V/100 Watt powerful to generate 320 Psi of water pressure which is 5 times more powerful than the conventional garden hoses. The machine can be connected to the normal garden hose.

This Best portable pressure washer operates 2-speed system HI AND LOW and comes with 2 lances, – the long cleaning lance with up to 320 psi capacity for deep cleaning and the short watering lance that delivers gentle spray stream of 94 psi great for watering plants and flowers. The flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute. The portability and conveniences of this rechargeable power cleaner make it adorable for different outdoor cleaning. It is easy to carry about to any cleaning site as it can draw water from any freshwater source like bucket, tap, pool, lake, or marina.

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Now that you have an informed idea of the 7 best Battery Powered Pressure Washer, you are ready to decide on buying a battery-operated pressure washer that will serve you the best. But before taking a decision, it is imperative to understand some important features and functionalities of these cordless portable cleaners.

  • Functionalities – A good and reliable battery operated pressure washer must be able to 

perform diverse functions. Such functions must include the ability to do multiple cleaning and watering tasks. A good portable pressure washer must be able to be effectively applicable for cleaning of cars, decks, doors and windows, pathways, bikes, grills, campers, patio furniture, and others. A good washer should not perform the cleaning task but be able to be deployed as a garden watering device for plants and flowers using a 2-speed (HI and LOW) system.

  • Versatility: Before a cordless pressure washer can be considered as versatile, it must be 

able to operate in different places without seeking for sockets to power the device as it carries its own battery for power. Using a rechargeable battery makes it easier to be used at different places to carry out cleaning and watering exercises. The ability to draw water from different fresh sources such as from buckets, pool, lake, or marina is an important quality of any portable washer.

 Reliability and dependability of the power source: A portable battery-operated washer must have a reliable and dependable rechargeable source of power which enables it to effectively start and complete any task that it is intended to carry out without failing. This is why a reliable battery operated washer must have a Max 20V PowerShare feature which makes it use the same battery to power either 20V or 40V tools. 

  • Accompanying accessories: A good Best portable pressure washer pack must have 

multiple functional accessories such as effective dial nozzle, connectors, cleaning brushes, cleaning and watering lances, soap bottle, and hose for power cleaning and watering.

  • Durability, compatibility, and storage: A power washer must be easy to assemble with

easy serviceable methods. It must be compact for ease of travel and storage. All these make for a long life of a machine. Ease of maintenance and service will make your power washer durable.

So, when you are set to purchase a new cordless battery powered power washer, you need to consider the above qualities to make an informed buying decision. Remember too, that it is necessary to clean and wipe all the accessories of your power washer after each task before storage.


People looking forward to purchasing portable battery-powered pressure washers have asked many questions trying to understand how the devices work, what features they have, and durability.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Are the power washer ideal for cleaning shoes?

A: Most power washers are appropriate for washing your mud-clogged shoes especially jungle boots by using the LOW-pressure lance that delivers gentle spray stream of not higher than 94 psi. Most battery-operated pressure washers have Low and High-pressure control systems with both long and short cleaning lance. The short cleaning lance will work well for your shoes.

Q: Will cordless power pressure washers peel off the paints of my car or walls?

A: Cordless power pressure washers will not peel off the paints of your car or walls because they deliver enough stream of water to clean your cars or walls. The pressure is just satisfying to deal with attached mud, grits, or dust on the target surface. The pressure is not harsh on car paint and wall enamels. 

Q: Is it possible to coat my entire car with foam and then wipe it down using the power pressured cleaner?

A: This is one of the fundamental operations of power pressure washers. Most power pressure washers carry a soap bottle which helps to coat your car with enough to clean your car and the stream of water from the hydro shot will rinse it down, leaving your car cleaner.

Q: Do these battery-operated pressure washers use less water than the conventional garden hose?

A: Sure! Because they produce pressurized water streams through the nozzles, they use less water. Most battery-powered pressure cleaners deliver pressured water streams between 0.5 and 0.90 GPM (gallon per minute). This feature makes most powered pressure cleaners save water.

Q: Do I need a larger battery as a backup for a power-operated pressure washer?

A: In an actual sense, having a backup battery is not a bad idea as this can help you to perform harder cleaning tasks without a problem. However, the normal 20V battery is strong enough to help you achieve any cleaning task depending on the intensity of the operation and whether you operate your machine on either HIGH or LOW mode.

Q: How long will it take to recharge the battery when it needs to be recharged?

A: The time required to research a discharged battery depends on the brand and type of your battery-powered pressure washer. Usually, it takes between 2 – 3 hours to recharge the battery to full capacity.


You have been adequately guided through the various types of battery-powered pressure washers and what you should look out for before purchasing. This review post has also been able to offer helpful tips on how these devices operate. It is really important to choose the best battery operated pressure washer that will satisfactorily meet your needs. Making the right choice will give you a long-lasting experience. Most importantly when you purchase a portable pressure washer, it is necessary to understand how to use and maintain it. 

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