Pressure washer surface cleaners are a special accessory that you must have if you want to clean concrete or terrazzo surfaces. The use of a pressure washer surface cleaner can speed up your work and help you to achieve smoother cleaning results. There are several offers from various manufacturers out there. Making the right choice that meets your need will be the wisest decision to make.

While cost may be a necessary consideration in choosing the type of the best pressure washer surface cleaner of your choice, there are other factors to look out for. The manufacturer’s past records, brand, make, design, durability, and versatility are other factors to consider before making a decision on the best pressure washer surface cleaner reviews-in 2020.

In this product review, you will get detailed guidelines of all you need to know before purchasing your pressure washer surface cleaner. I carefully checked and studied different pressure washer surface cleaners based on their performances before arriving at the “Top 9 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Reviews in 2020”.

Let’s check the Top 9 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Reviews

1.Briggs & Stratton 6328 14-Inch Surface Cleaner for Gas Pressure Washer

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-18 Surface Cleaner>> Check more image <<

The Briggs & Stratton (6328) 14” Surface Cleaner is designed for gas pressure washer. It is configured with two 15 degree spray patterns that rotate on a spinning bar. It is excellent for cleaning outdoor areas such as garage floors, walkways, driveways, decks, and more. If you are thinking of getting yourself a surface washer, this amazing surface cleaner is ideal for most outdoor cleaning jobs.

The rotating jets are effectively 4 times faster than normal nozzles.

Unlike some surface cleaners, this gas pressure washer surface cleaner has dome shape cover that glides across surfaces that allows maneuvering. This also controls overspray to protect walls and flower beds. The operations of this surface cleaner eliminate flashing for a consistent clean.

I love the CAUTION note boldly written on the right-hand side of this surface cleaner. It helps users to know what not to do with this device.

Another interesting feature of Briggs & Stratton pressure washer surface cleaner is that it fits most brands of gas pressure washers 2200 PSI up to 3400 PSI. It connects to quick-connect wands which makes it an enviable surface cleaner. The lightweight makes storage less cumbersome and it is easy to maintain.

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2.Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner for Karcher

Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner>> Check more image <<

If you are looking for a durable, rugged electric, and hard surface cleaner to clean your decks, garage floors, walkways, driveways, or patios, take a dash at Karcher T300 surface cleaner. You can rely on the easy-to-use features and faster cleaning-time delivery of this surface cleaner. The large 11” diameter cleaning head, variable pressure dial, and 32” wand extension, and durability of the T300 surface cleaner make it a gem to tackle your tough cleaning jobs. All your cleaning tasks can be achieved faster and cleaner.

Enhanced with locking joint features, you have nothing to worry about storage space. The extension wands can conveniently lock vertically for breaks or compact storage.

Some of the interesting and helpful features of this surface cleaner include:

  • The ultimate time saving: The T300 deep cleans an 11″ area with every pass and eliminates streaks making cleaning faster.
  • Variable Pressure Dial: You can easily adjust the pressure using the variable pressure dial to achieve the desired pressure to meet your required cleaning task.
  • Two Spinning Nozzles: The twin jets rotate at high speed for quicker cleaning.
  • Perfect for Flat Surfaces: T300 is perfect for cleaning patios, decks, walkways, driveways, and other flat surfaces.

With these features and benefits, T300 can be a good companion in outdoor cleaning.

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3.SIMPSON Cleaning 15” Surface Cleaner

SIMPSON Cleaning 15'' Surface Cleaner >> Check more image <<

This product is rated up to 360 psi which makes it powerful to tackle all forms of outdoor cleaning – walkways, driveways, decks, patios, and more. The wide diameter cleans 15” area with every pass and eliminates streaks making cleaning faster.

The steel housing gives it an improved rotating arm and additional stability and durability. This too will prevent sand from getting into the arm to cause it to wear. No wobbling or vibration. It has a brass rotating fixture around the brass rotating shaft with a better design.

The Simpson cleaning surface cleaner is enhanced with dual high pressure rotating jets for a faster and cleaner result. It uses cold water and requires no chemicals or detergent to perform any task.

The beauty of this surface cleaner is that it works with any pressure washer up to 3,400 PSI that is equipped with a 1/4″ Quick Connect Nozzle Wand Fitting. So you can use any conventional pressure washer with this surface cleaner. It easily connects the pressure washer with quick connect spray wands.

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4.Generac 6132 High-Pressure Surface CleanerGenerac 6132 >> Check more image <<

Generac 6132 high-pressure surface cleaner is designed and crafted with high technology features. When connected to a pressure washer rated up to 3100 psi, it cleans cleaner and faster than a standard spray nozzle. The rotating nozzles provide a faster and uniform cleaning experience on your sidewalks, driveways, decks, and other flat surfaces.

Enhanced with heavy-duty brass, stainless steel, and durable plastic construction which makes it rugged and durable. The tough flexible bristles protect your work surface and limit overspray.

You can use this surface cleaner with any pressure washer that rates up to 3100 psi. It comes with an adjustable Quick-change connector. One additional feature of this surface washer its ability to use either cold or hot water to clean surfaces. The unit makes short work of cleaning the deck and patio stones with ease in an even manner.

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5.Greenworks Surface Cleaner Universal Pressure Washer Attachment 30012

Greenworks Surface Cleaner>> Check more image <<

Although GreenWork’s surface cleaner is only 11” cleaning width, it does a great work cleaning the walkways, driveways, patio stones, and decks with easy and faster. However, Greenworks offer a range of systems to choose from. It works with most pressure washers without the hassles of gas.

The affordability of this surface cleaner coupled with its easy-to-use feature makes it a gem for outdoor cleaning jobs. You only need to attach it to a pressure washer and start to clean, it cuts down the cleaning time by more than half of the time required by a conventional pressure hose to get the same job done.

It also keeps down the amount of spray splatter and water usage. Some buyers have reported having used this product on a 2500 psi gas pressure washer even though they only recommend 2000 psi max. This is an indication that it works great!

Greenworks’ surface cleaner is compatible with most electric pressure washers up to 2000 psi and most especially GreenWorks pressure washers under 2000psi.

Additionally, it is easy to maintain. Just clean the wands occasionally to remove any noticeable clog.

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6.AR Blue Clean 10″Surface Cleaner

AR Blue Clean 10"Surface Cleaner>> Check more image <<

If you have a tough time cleaning large outdoor surfaces like decks, patios, driveways, workways, and other flat surfaces, your best bet is to switch into using an AR Blue Clean 10″ surface cleaner. This surface cleaner allows you to achieve deep cleaning in a short time. You will able to save energy, water, and cleaning time by up to 60 to 80%. The surface cleaner can be used up to maximum pressure of 2500 psi.

Saving cleaning time, energy, and water is not only what makes this surface cleaner great, but it quickly attaches to most AR Blue Clean Units pressure spray guns. It also comes with a 15” extension lance making it easier to achieve deep cleaning of most flat surfaces. It glides well on flat surfaces and easy to maneuver. The versatility of this surface cleaner makes every part of your home clean. It can be used to clean your stairs, facades, patios, balconies, garages, and pathways.

The unique design of this surface cleaner carries a blue plastic cover that protects you and keeps your walls protected from splashing and overspray. It is easy to use, simple to maintain!

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7.BE 85.403.007 Surface Cleaner

Be 85.403.007 surface cleaner>> Check more image <<

The BE Whirl-A-Way surface cleaner is a power washer that can be deployed to carry out super cleaning either on small or large surfaces. Though rated for 4000 psi, it can easily perform with powerwasher that generates between 2400 and 4000 psi. Even at low psi 2400, this machine still does a marvelous cleaning job on stairs, driveways, decks, walkways, and other flat surfaces. The 2-nozzle spray arm makes for great versatility, it does perfect outdoor cleaning work.

The house is well-designed to keep water spray contained within the housing unit. This protects you, your walls, and flower beds protected from splashing or overspray. The machine makes cleaning easier, faster, and cleaner with less water usage. The large swatch 4000 psi 20” achieves deep clean result at just one pass.

Other major features that set this surface cleaner aside from others is the dual handle and long handle. With the dual handle, driving, and maneuvering the device is much easier, comfortable, and enjoyable. You don’t keep switching hands while cleaning. The spray gun is comfortably placed on one part of the handle making operation easier.

This machine is easy to assemble, just a matter of minutes.

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8.Mi-T-M AW-7020-8003 Rotary Surface Cleaner

Mi-T-M AW-7020-8003 Rotary Surface Cleaner>> Check more image <<

Looking for an efficient, durable, and reliable surface cleaner, you may need to give Mi-T-M Rotary Surface Cleaner a shot. This small and large surface cleaner is highly adaptable and delivers efficiently on concrete walkways, driveways, decks, patios, parking lots, garages, and many more. It can easily and quickly connect to any pressure washer from the range of 2700 to 4000 psi without wobbling.

Equipped with strong bristled brushes, it gives a long-life performance. It is an excellent tool for both domestic and commercial operations, it glides well over any surface. The 20” wide diameter cleaning feature of 20” guarantees high performance, quality, value, and dependability. Using this surface cleaner can cut down the time required for cleaning a surface by over 60-80% over a standard pressure washer.

You can adopt this device for different applications. When you enhance this surface with a shut-off valve, it makes transitioning from the rotor washer to the spray washer quicker and easier with excellent results. The cleaner moves and operates smoothly. It can be used efficiently as a commercial and residential surface cleaner. No wonder many rental outlets have stocks of this cleaner to rent out. You can obtain great results using it with a 3800psi @ 4gpm commercial grade pressure washer.

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9.RYOBI 15 Surface Cleaner

RYOBI 15 Surface Cleaner>> Check more image <<

Ryobi 15” surface Cleaner is designed basically for gas pressure washers only. This means that it is not compatible with electric-powered washers. It is designed with a ¼” quick-connect with any pressure washer that rates between 2500 and 3000 psi. However, a lesser or slightly over these rated gas pressure washers may work well with this versatile surface cleaner.

Ryobi 15” cleans faster than a standard spray nozzle up to 4X. This makes the cleaner ideal for hard flat surfaces like driveways, patios, garage floors, patios, and sidewalks. Engineered with rotating jets that covers a large surface at one pass, the cleaner delivers great cleaning results in a short time leaving no streak or zebra marks.

You only need to simply walk it over the surface at a slow but steady speed, overlapping about 1/3 each pass. You don’t need to press down the device, just let it glide over the surface. It needs no assembly. Just open the box and get to work.

One amazing thing is that despite the claim by the manufacturer that it works only with gas pressure washers, further testing has found that this surface cleaner works also on electric.

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Ultimate Buying Guidelines for Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Now that you have clearly understood what surface cleaners are and how they work, it is time to tell you what are the criteria to choose the best surface cleaner that will serve you best. There are several types of surface cleaners but they are different in their functionalities, performances, and versatilities.

When it comes to making an informed decision as to which pressure washer surface cleaner to buy, you need to be adequately guided. This is what you will get as you read this well-detailed ultimate buying guidelines on the best surface cleaner. Why? You may ask. This is to avoid buying the wrong pressure washer surface cleaner that will not meet your cleaning requirements.

Let me proceed to tell you what you need to look for in purchasing a good and efficient surface cleaner that will serve its purpose. I will guide through the process of choosing the best one.

  • Choose the right cleaner for your pressure washer:

One important thing to bear in mind when it comes to pressure washer surface cleaners is that bigger is not always better. So, don’t be deceived into buying the biggest surface cleaner. Check your pressure washer maximum rating and go for a surface cleaner that will match it. Otherwise, you will buy a surface cleaner that is too big that your pressure washer cannot drive efficiently. You can’t expect a tiny motor to spin a larger bar. On the other hand, a pressure washer connected with a smaller surface cleaner may either not work at all or completely slows down your cleaning task. So it is better to match your choice of a surface cleaner with your pressure washer.

I have gone a step further to provide you with Surface Cleaner size chat to make it easier for you to choose the right size.



If you move your surface cleaner too quickly over the surface you want to clean, you may end up with a spiral pattern leaving streaks or zebra marks on the surface. However, a smaller pressure washer surface cleaner may cover less surface area at one pass but you can move faster with it than a larger one. You can, therefore, cover more area in a shorter time. Smaller pressure washer surface cleaners are lighter, easy to maneuver, and glides over a surface better.

  • The convenience of use:

Check the design to make sure that the cover of the cleaning dome is well covered. The cleaning water must be contained without splashing out of the dome. This is to be sure that the water pressure spray will not splatter you or the walls when in operation.

  • Versatility:

Check the maximum pressure rating of the surface cleaner and be sure it can easily be adapted and connected with different pressure washers. Check if it can effectively work on pathways, Again, be sure it is serviceable and that the service parts are available should in case you need to replace any.

  • Accompanying accessories: 

A good Best portable pressure washer pack must have multiple functional accessories such as effective dial nozzle, connectors, cleaning brushes, cleaning and watering lances, soap bottle, and hose for power cleaning and watering.

  • Durability: 

Confirm if the manufacturer has a great history of quality products. Check reviews and product ratings of those that have used the same product before.

When you are set to purchase your next pressure washer surface cleaner, consider the above details and make sure you get the best pressure washers surface cleaner that meets your criteria.



Q: Will a large pressure washer surface cleaner help you clean faster?

A: A large pressure washer surface cleaner covers a wider area during one pass on the surface. But this does not mean that clean faster. The smaller surface cleaner is easier to maneuver and work faster. The larger surface cleaners are heavier and need more energy to push around.

Q: Do most pressure washer surface cleaners this work on the aggregate driveway, or will it blast the stones out?

A: In fact, most pressure washer surface cleaners are designed to do all sorts of cleaning on most flat surfaces. They can comfortably work well on the aggregate driveway without blasting the stones out. Be that as it may, check the user’s instructions before using your surface cleaner on any surface.

Q: Can I use my pressure washer surface cleaner on concrete brick pavers?

A: Yes. Most pressure washer surface cleaners can work on concrete brick pavers provided they are flat-surfaced.

Q: My machine has a 3/8” quick connect. Will it be safe to use a reducer down to 1/4??

A: I understand that the 3/8″ provides optimal pneumatic volume. It could pretty serve you better than the ¼”

Q: Would surface cleaner listed gas pressure washer work with an electric pressure washer?

A: No. If a surface cleaner is listed for gas pressure washer it may not work with electric pressure washers. But there have been some occasions when some DIYers had reported to have tried this and it worked. It is not advisable if you don’t want to wreck either your pressure washer or surface cleaner or both.



I’m sure you are happy that I have taken you through a journey of what best pressure washer surface cleaners are. Also, the journey has clearly shown you different types of surface cleaners and the major qualities. You can boldly make an informed decision on the right device that will work best for your cleaning operations, either commercial or residential, I’m sure that this review has been able to offer helpful tips on what to look for in a surface cleaner before you purchase one. When you make an informed purchase decision, you will enjoy your surface washer and long-lasting cleaning experience.

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